samedi 7 juillet 2012

Without you !

Day after day, riding our bicycles along pathes, through villages or cities, we discovered wonderful landscapes and amazing countries. But we guess that our trip would never have been as "sweet" as it has been without all of you. Entering so many different universes and nests, sharing pieces of your lifes.
So even if it took us some time, we are glad to write now how thankful we are, regarding all the sparkles of light, you brought on our way. Like a quilt woven from so tiny patches, you re now parts of this great adventure that we initiated some months ago and we feel so happy about it. Thanks a lot !
Henri, Isabelle, Jacob, Anna, Claire and Bartimée

Edwin, the cycling baker, Jan, Veerle, Amber, Yolente and Silas, Willem, Margriet, Brigitte et Michel, Danielle et Lodewijk, Katja, Robin et Cristel, Janny, Neeltje et Ted, Marten, Elise and Nijs, Marcel, Vera, Bodil and Hans, Tina and Morten, Anne-Sophie, Marten, Ingeborg and Johannes, the mysterious Lila, Flora, Alan et Eric, Katja et Bjaerkke, Vera and Aima, Steen et Elle, Signe and the brothers moving, Henriette and Fynn, Nia, Beatriz,  Elise, Denise, Gabriel, Natanael, the ice angel, Uli, Mischi and Benno, Lena, Isar and the french sailor,  Matilda, Jonatan, Mikaela and Molly, Bjorn and Tove, Gerd, Thibaut and Mia, Elsa, Victor et Baptiste, Rob and sa majesté Severine, Olof, Simo, Ingeri and Maria, Viola, Turo, Bahra, Katja, Kati and Francis, Marjatta and Tannus, Ischia and Rose, Jannicka, Kaur, Eva-Christine and Jane-Cathlyn, Arvis, Piret, Sara and Ereli, Kristi, Pascal et Daniel, Reena, Vova, Natasha, Luda, Tolik and all of you that we have unfortunatelynot been able to meet, Gijs von Veurne, Annamari, the Dentis,Mickael, Jerlene 's family, Liliya and Siarhei... and we may forget...